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La visita del médico

Licensed healthcare professionals come to you.


DOCTOR'S HOUSE CALLS where the science of medicine meets the art of excellence.  Our staff is committed to getting you well again as soon and efficiently as possible. Don’t risk contracting COVID-19.  We will treat you and your loved ones like family!

  • Urgent care to your location usually within an hour, or telemedicine.

  • Licensed healthcare professionals come to you.

  • Heal in the comfort and safety of your location.

  • Safer and faster than going to an ER or Walk In Clinic.

  • Do not risk you or your loved ones contracting COVID-19 in a waiting room.

  • Alleviate the current stress on our healthcare system.

  • Very reasonably priced.

  • Reimbursable by most insurances.

  • Mobile X-Rays available.

  • Follow-up calls next day.

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